Germaul Barnes/Viewsic Expressions Dance is excited to announce, "BLACK BONES - A celebration of black male choreographers with prolific voices" will be aired as part of Dr. Felicia El-Amin PBS Time Warner Cable program in November 2014. Please stay tuned for airing dates and times in your local television station. Check out the promo video.  

Black Bones - PBS Time Warner Cable (Promo) from Viewsic Expressions on Vimeo.

Germaul Barnes/Viewsic Expressions Dance

Formed in 1993, New York City based Germaul Barnes/Viewsic Expressions Dance is the brainchild of Bessie Award winner Germaul Barnes. This unique, innovative, dynamic dance company creates a theatrical experience that allows the audience to step into another world. Our mission is to strengthen and empower the perception of contemporary dance. Our premier focus is to nurture the development of dancers, musicians, and visual artists through the values of physical awareness and cultural diversity. Utilizing the power of dance as a center core we learn and explore the complexities of being an Artist. Besides presenting dance performances we also present programs like:

*Conversation with the Legends

*Workshops/Mater Class

*Black Bones Project

*Collaborative Project

The GERMAUL BARNES/VIEWSIC EXPRESSIONS DANCE was formed in 1993. The company premiered at the Dance Theater/The Drake in Philadelphia, PA. The company's touring schedule steadily expanded to include cities in the U.S., Europe, Africa, Asia and in 2009 it made its first national television interview launch for the ABC News series New York Viewpoint. Also in 2009, GB/VED was invited to become company in-residence at the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration, CAC Program, Choreoquest. The company has gained world renowned attention as one of the world's vibrant emerging dance companies, performing across the U.S. and at major international festivals.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, the company has maintained and strengthened its ties to several cities around the world, most notably Emerson Umbrella Performance Arts Center in Concord, MA, and Duane Cyrus Production in Greensboro, NC. GB/VED also appears regularly in New York, NY; Boston, MA and Phoenix, AZ. GB/VED made its debut at the prestigious New York Central Park Summer Stage Festival in 2009.

GB/VED is noted for its commitment to live music, a feature of every performance on its international touring schedule since 1999. GB/VED collaborates with leading orchestras, opera companies and musicians including South African composer Bongani Ndodana (1999); flutist Maxim Rubtsov (2007); pianist and composer Thollem McDonas (2007); Russian National Wind Quintet (2009); organist Cameron Carpenter (2009); and Grammy Award winner pianist and composer Paul Sullivan (2010), among others.

In September of 2010, the company launched a national touring workshop series taught by a dynamic team of instructors from New York and surrounding areas, to provide classes to pre-professional, outreach programs for local children and dance and music classes to students of all ages.